Felicity Fey

First Impressions

Felicity Fey may have the largest all natural boobs I’ve ever seen on an 18 year old girl, especially one with such a slim frame. It’s quite rare to see a girl with a tiny waist and ass and a huge rack up top. I suppose that’s why she qualifies for her very own website though. Felicity also has unusually pretty eyes and a soft, innocent looking face. Everything combined makes for an appealing visit.

Hot Promises

Felicity promises that she’s a naughty girl that’s going to get totally naked for you in the member’s area. She has high resolution pictures, downloadable videos, and of course her enormous breasts to show off. She’s turned on by men looking at her voluptuous chest, which is why she’s so fond of posing in galleries for you.

Round Up

The member’s area is well designed and easy to use with a slick graphical nav bar at the top of the page and a slew of information at your fingertips. You’ll see a list of all the bonus sites you get access to, pictures from recent updates, and a few advertisements for outside sites. Ignore the ads and concentrate on the hot content by visiting the pictures section like I did.

There are 155 picture galleries within the member’s area of FelicityFey, each of which has 50-100 images. Some of the picture sets have been broken up into multiple galleries, which occasionally makes it difficult to find the second half of the set because they’re not uploaded at the same time. As you might imagine the focus of the content is on Felicity’s enormous breasts. Everything revolves around them and in each gallery she brings them out and gives us all a good look.

Felicity’s breasts are all natural, and given their size it’s not surprising that they show a little bit of sag. Still, they have a nice teardrop shape, which is considered the pinnacle of the natural look, and they’re so big that you’ll be too distracted to notice any flaws. The picture galleries are organized twenty to a page and each has a thumbnail preview, the date it was added, and the number of pictures. Felicity poses in a wide variety of outfits, including sexy lingerie, cute tops and jeans, bikinis, short skirts, and more. The important thing is that in the end the outfit is on the ground and her tits are in your view.

The video section features 73 downloadable clips and follows the same general theme as the picture galleries. You’ll see Felicity dressed and then watch as she slowly strips out of her clothes and reveals her breasts to us. The videos allow for a more personal connection as you can hear Felicity talk on occasion and get a feel for her personality. It’s the only personal touch you’ll get on the site, so you should savor it.

It’s important to note that FelicityFey is no longer updated and hasn’t been since October 2006. Obviously Felicity is off pursuing other things in life, but she did leave behind a sizable collection of content. Because of the lack of updates the site runners have been kind enough to include a ton of bonus content with your membership. All told you’ll have access to 20 other teen sites. Some of the sites feature solo models, some are compilation sites with contributions from a number of different girls, and some feature hot lesbian content.

After browsing through most of the content I’ve emerged with a few favorites that I’d like to point you towards. First among these is the silver bikini set added in later September. In it Felicity wears a shiny silver bikini top and a puffy silver skirt. The material clings to her breasts and she looks sort of like a sexy space babe. I also enjoyed the picture set added on July 21st in which Felicity poses in a pair of sheer white boyshort panties that grip her ass like a glove. The video in which she lounges in the Jacuzzi is also unforgettable.

Croco’s Opinion

Although FelicityFey is no longer updated there’s an impressive array of content already in place that will make your membership worth every penny. The photos and videos she shot while working on the site are good enough for at least a few months of your time. There’s also a ton of bonus content that provides enough content to last for several years. Lastly, if you love big natural tits on a sexy teen babe then you absolutely must give Felicity a look.


The member’s area is laid out flawlessly and navigation couldn’t be any easier. The picture galleries are listed 20 to a page so you won’t have to suffer through excessive loading to see everything. They also offer a Spanish language version of the site.

Pricing Policy

A 30 day membership costs $29.95 when billing by credit card, check, or anonymously through NetCash. You can also pay by phone, which is a little pricier at $34.95. The best deal is to sign up for 90 days and pay only $59.95. Everything is recurring except for the phone billing.

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